Our David S. Smith really liked it, I didn’t like it much at all, so much so that I felt the need to do an ‘alternative’ review, but I’m still intrigued by the large amount of footage shot for both IT films, and by this extended, six hours and a half, ‘super-cut’ that director Andy Muschietti wants to put together. ‘Bloody Disgusting’ reports that, in a chat with ‘Consequence of Sound,’ Muschietti detailed two of the scenes that would be put back in.

“There’s a scene that we shot that’s in the 1600s. I decided not to put it in the film because it was a little confusing. You know, the problem is that people sometimes want to know a little more, but if you give them too much, then they’re disappointed. It’s like a magic trick in a way. That’s a scene that I love, but I will have to see how it can be re-orchestrated into the big cut if it happens.”

And – yes! – the Turtle!

“When you see McAvoy confronting his fear in the flooded basement, and he kills the notion of guilt by killing himself as a kid, he jumps back in the water. He’s lost, there is no way out, and suddenly, the eyes of Pennywise – Pennywise Bill, the kid – come out of the dark. But it’s not Pennywise, it’s the turtle that is swimming by him,” Muschietti details. “And he views the turtle and he’s sort of fascinated, like, ‘What is this thing?’, and very soon after, the kids are swimming after it. So, McAvoy follows them toward the light, and he emerges back in the cavern. It’s a beautiful scene, but I had to leave it out over pacing reasons. It was very emotional, but it was not in the right moment, where things had to move faster.”

Many seem to feel that Muschietti will never create this version, but if he keeps teasing us like this, then I say he’s going to have to!

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