It’s reboot time again. It wasn’t very long ago when it was announced that Cliffhanger was going to get a remake, and now another much beloved ’90s action classic is going to get the same treatment. Probably the only one of John Woo’s American films to get close to the style and insanity of his Hong Kong flicks, Face Off starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, both actors looking like they were having the time of their lives, as an FBI agent and a sadistic terrorist who literally swap faces. Paramount’s reboot will feature a new cast and no doubt a new director. Without Woo, Travolta and Cage, I can’t see a remake ever matching up. I’m just waiting for the announcement that it’s going to star two female leads and be rated ‘PG-13’.

What I don’t get is that, if you take a look at box office numbers, more of these remakes fail than succeed at the box office – yet they still keep churning them out.

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