Escape Room seem to divide us in the HCF office, but despite it being hugely unbelievable [though no more unbelievable than any Saw film], I rather enjoyed it. The Adam Robitel-directed film ended with just two characters surviving its deadly game: Logan Miller‘s Ben and Taylor Russell‘s Zoey, suggesting that two are going to take the fight to the organisation that nearly took their lives. And now it looks like the upcoming sequel will indeed continue their story, as well as probably doing the expected thing of introducing a new group of players.  Said Miller to ‘Flickering Myth’:

“I am heading back into that room in a month. We are in pre-production on that right now. We will be diving back in and hopefully surviving yet again. For what I know, I don’t actually know much, but Taylor and I will be coming back and we have a whole new colourful cast of characters. Adam  is coming back to direct as well. So yeah, I think the adventure is just gonna be double the pain, I’m sure.”

Now this is just my mind wondering, but I wondered a couple of times if Ben was in on it, seeing as he seemed to know so much about the escape rooms.

Anyway, Escape Room 2 will be in cinemas on August 14, 2020.


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