The future of the Star Wars franchise was thrown into doubt a while back. The Last Jedi was a huge commercial success, and Disney announced shortly afterwards that director Rian Johnson would be directing an entire trilogy of spin-off movies. However, there were many who didn’t like it [me included], and when Solo: A Star Wars Story opened to disappointing box office, some blamed the mixed response to The Last Jedi for this. Disney then said that it was putting the series on “a bit of a hiatus” earlier this year.

But now, while the future of other spin-off movies seems to still be in doubt, it seems that Johnson’s trilogy is still intended to go ahead. As part of a profile on Johnson and professional partner Ram Bergman’s film company T-Street, ‘Deadline’ reports that Johnson, while not being very specific, still means for these films to happen.

“I’m excited to open things up and get the chance to work with talented people and learn from them. In a way, this is very much in the mode of how we’ve always worked, though Star Wars was different for obvious reasons. But we’ve always thought like indie filmmakers, maintaining a degree of ownership and authorship over what we’ve done. This was a way to set up a space where we can make that happen for other filmmakers.”

My view? There are only three true Star Wars films, and this will never change!!

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