It seems that Hugh Grant didn’t enjoy his trip to the cinema to see Joker much, but it wasn’t due to the film itself. No, it was because of the volume. The actor tweeted, “Am I old or is the cinema MUCH TOO LOUD? Unendurable. Pointless.”. This quickly gained steam on Twitter and eventually caught the eye of Vue Cinemas, the company that the actor called out. A spokesperson for the chain apologised and said that his concerns would be passed along to the appropriate people. Grant then explained which exact showing he was at and finished by saying, “But joke was on us.” Ha ha!

Grant doesn’t seem to have put too many people off from seeing Joker on the big screen, as the film continues to dominate the box office. But it has raised questions over whether cinemas do play films too loudly. I’m quite happy getting my eardrums blown out as long as the sound is properly channeled, and can count the number of times that it properly prevented my enjoyment of the film in question on one hand. But I can appreciate how some older folk, especially, wouldn’t want this, so I do wonder if maybe cinemas should cater for those who don’t like this kind of experience, possibly by providing quieter screenings of the most popular films, or maybe by providing headphones which allow people to listen to the film at a lesser volume?

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