Grimmfest 2019 Festival Report – Day 3

grimmfest 2019

Day three of Grimmfest opened with the hilarious yet tragic short film Asparagus Tips in which a young woman’s vegetable digits become the taste sensation amongst her friends. This was followed promptly by Richard Bates Jr film TONE-DEAF. In the film, Robert Patrick stars as a disgruntled babyboomer who rents his home out to a young woman for the weekend with the plan to kill her. Her crime? Being a self-entitled, work-shy millennial. Lots of humour combined with some wince-inducing violence makes for an entertaining watch. The soundtrack too blends old with modern as two worlds and perceptions of society collide.

Russian black comedy horror WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE! steams with delightful over the top violence as a father and his daughter’s boyfriend do battle in a Moscow apartment. Darkly hilarious, the characters crash through tables, take a tv to the head and narrowly miss being hit in the balls with a hammer. As the family start to turn on one another due to an accusation that may or may not be true, you wonder who, if any of them, are actually decent human beings. Like a Mortal Kombat Fatality, WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE! bone-crunching awesome fun.

Early afternoon saw the second of the Shorts programmes with a chilling short in the form of STOP in which two black men and a white woman are pulled over by the police on the way to the hospital. Whilst the short itself may be fictional, the horror is unfortunately very real. Some of the other shorts had some interesting ideas but an interview break meant I missed a few towards the end.

A father grooms his boy into being a serial killer like his old man in ARTIK but it seems the lad isn’t too keen on following in his father’s footsteps as he befriends Holton, a young man dealing with his own demons. Director Tom Botchii and star Lauren Ashley Carter swung by for a Q+A session following the screening before a break ahead of the evening films.

Think you know ghosts? Think again. EXTRA ORDINARY is simply extraordinary with its tales of ghosts in cheese, haunted toasters and floating goat ghosts (ghoasts?) that explode if you awaken them. The local ghostbuster in the small Irish town is driving instructor Rose who’s hung up her spectral gloves after the accidental death of her ghosthunter father. However, she’s convinced to dust them off when local man Martin Martin’s daughter becomes a sacrifice for the resident satanist. A laugh a minute, this 90’s retrofest spooktale with its simple and dry humour approach had the audience roaring with laughter. Without a doubt the funniest film to grace the festival all weekend.

After having spoke to director Frank Sabatella earlier in the day, I sat down for THE SHED in which a troubled young man has to deal with a supernatural beastie with an insatiable appetite for blood which has taken residence in his grandfather’s shed. Trying to juggle the problems of school, his probational care under his strict grandfather and the terrifying threat that has taken lodge in the shed eventually comes to a head.

Rounding off the night was THE WRETCHED, a thrilling effort from the Pierce brothers as a woodland witch decides to take up residence in the basement of a home in the woods to pick off the local children. Her presence arouses the suspicions of teenage neighbour Ben who senses something isn’t right and attempts to get to the bottom of it as kids start to go missing… Outstanding FX work brings the chills to this horror action flick as it combines elements of Rear Window with a good ol’ traditional witch story.

After a tremendous Saturday of films, we look forward to the final day of Grimmfest 2019.

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