Horror Movie Bingo: The Cliches You Expect To See In EVERY Film

Practically every genre of film has the odd cliche. Every teen movie has a heartthrob. Every disaster movie has a brave American president. And of course in horror there are a range of scenarios and events that take place, which we see time and time again.

You can’t escape them. But rather than becoming a nightmare, why not spice things up a bit. We all know how popular things has become over the past few years, with dozens of top online bingo site games even inspired by the genre alongside the likes of action, comedy and superhero. So why not add a bit of bingo to your horror movies?

That’s right, turn your typical cliches into a game. Below you’ll find some of the biggest horror cliches to add to your bingo cards…

“There’s Nothing to Worry About”

Of course there isn’t. At no point ever is there anything to worry about in a horror film. Usually spoken by a macho, overly-brave character before being chopped in two, “there’s nothing to worry about,” is just about one of the laziest lines in horror film history, up there with the misty forests that plague the genre.

Misty Forests

There’s a reason every parody is set in a misty forest, because it’s so goddamn cliche. No bingo card is complete without one, with a log cabin to boot of course.

You’ll find dozens of articles listing the top 10 creepiest forests in horror, but today they have to be truly terrifying or offer something unique not to be quite tired.

The Death of an Innocent Teenage Girl

Thankfully we don’t see this one as much as we used to but the volume of teenage girls that have been culled early in horror is quite remarkable.

It’s rare you see a man cowering for his life, and it’s noticed regularly too. The Guardian noted the fact that directors are more comfortable torturing females than men, so it’s added to our list!

Wrongly Accused Killers

But wait, there’s a twist!

Of course, every film needs an element of jeopardy. A few suspects who could be/couldn’t be the killer. But how often do we see the wrongly accused killer in bad horror?

What’s more, double twists! Yes keep us guessing, but not in the same old ways. The double twist so often makes zero sense!

And the Quick Ticks

And the four above aren’t on their own. Oh no, there’s plenty more to check off…

  • Rain: Because murder doesn’t happen in the sunshine.
  • Lights out: Lost batteries always happen at the most inconvenient moments!
  • Blow it up: Explosions are the answer to beat every villain.
  • Don’t ask for directions: Pull a stranger over and ask for directions. Brave move! Use Google Maps.