I was a great admirer of Ben Young’s serial killer drama Hounds Of Love, though I still haven’t seen his follow-up sci-fi thriller Extinction, something I need to rectify. Anyway, the news has broken that Young’s next film is for Blumhouse and it will be – unfortunately – a remake. The 1987 thriller The Bedroom Window starred Steve Guttenberg, Elizabeth McGovern and Isabelle Huppert, was directed by Curtis Hanson, and is about:

A man who beds his boss’s wife. During the tryst, she observes from his bedroom window a violent attack on a young woman. He goes to the police on his lover’s behalf to report a crime he didn’t actually witness. Soon he is a suspect and potential target for the attacker.

I remember it vaguely as a reasonable suspense thriller but nothing more. Something that could probably be improved on, yes. But isn’t it sad to see Blumhouse getting involved in this remake business, with The Invisible Man and Black Christmas also coming from them?

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