I have yet to see has Barry Jay’s directorial debut Ashes, but the trailer for his next effort Killer Therapy, written by Jay and Andrew Krop, is out, and it might be of particular interest to fans of three horror franchises because, in addition to Elizabeth Keener, Ivy George, and newcomer Michael Qeliqi, the film also stars Adrienne King [the original Friday The 13th], P.J.Soles [the original Halloween, plus of course the original Carrie], Daeg Faerch [the Halloween remake], and Thom Mathews [Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 – plus The Return Of The Living Dead 1 and 2].

Brian is a disturbed child with sociopathic tendencies dealing with a father who doesn’t love him, a mother unconvinced of his violent nature, and a newly adopted sister he believes is there to replace him. After a series of escalating violent incidents, he is bounced around from failed therapist to failed therapist, maturing into a young man still unable to escape his anger issues. When his life eventually falls apart by his own choices, Brian blames his series of failed therapists, embracing his dark nature and taking his revenge on everyone who ever wronged him – one by one, finally understanding that accepting who you are inside can be the best therapy.

We don’t have a release date yet.

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