I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…..

So first of all Han shot first. Then many years later, George Lucas changed his mind and decided that Greedo should shoot first. Then he changed his mind again and opted for Han and Greedo shooting at the same time.

And now it seems that the famous Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope scene has been altered yet again for the Disney+ VOD version. Many websites are reporting that Han and Greedo still shoot simultaneously, but there are other changes. There’s now a new shot of Greedo, right before the shootout. He says something as well, but in contrast to the rest of the scene no subtitles are displayed. The frontal shot of the exploding dummy has been removed. And we now get an additional explosion effect during the medium long shot where both shoot at the same time.

While this hasn’t been yet confirmed, it seems that George Lucas may have made this change in 2012 before the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney. It remains to be seen when this version – or possibly [make that probably] even a further revision – will also be available outside Disney’s streaming service.

He’s tinkered a lot with the films, but what is George’s obsession with continually changing this scene in particular? It seems like he’ll never be satisfied with it….while trying the patience of fans more and more.

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