The long in coming sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, did decent box office and garnered mostly good reviews. I mostly liked it until the final act. Well, following in the footsteps of Midsommar, Doctor Sleep is getting a director’s cut that will run exactly three hours, 28 minutes longer than the theatrical version, and this will come out in North America digitally on January 21 and on 4K/Blu-ray on February 4. We don’t know what the situation is regarding elsewhere yet, but I’d be very surprised if us UK-ers didn’t get it too.

In my opinion, the longer version of Midsommar turned a very good film into one within shouting distance of a masterpiece. I’m not sure that I’ll feel the same about Doctor Sleep as we’ll still get that cringey [in my opinion] last section, but I’ll be checking out this cut anyway.

You can read David Smith’s review of the theatrical cut here


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