It seems that every week now comes with news of a new remake, and this time it’s 1993’s The Dark Half, which I rewatched and reviewed a few months ago for its Blu-ray release from Eureka. Not having seen it in ages, I was pretty impressed by the George Romero effort and found it to be one of the more underrated of Stephen King adaptations. I’m not sure what more a remake can really bring to the table except for better special effects and more clarity regarding the story which, inspired by his own pen name Richard Bachman being revealed, is about best-selling author Thad Beaumont, who also sells writes crime novels under the name George Stark. When the pseudonym is exposed, the author and his wife give the other author a ceremonial burial – but then George Stark comes alive and goes on a murder spree.

But we’re getting a remake anyway from MGM, with Her Smell director Alex Ross Perry on board to direct. At least there’s a chance that this version may do better at the box office – the original was a major flop.

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