We’ve known about Dario Argento’s next movie Black Glasses for some time now, but now we can tell you that his daughter Asia will be starring in it. She appeared in several of Dario’s past projects but we haven’t seen much of her recently, so it’s something for this fan to look forward to.

And that’s still all we can tell you. Early last year we heard from Dario that, and I quote:

“My new work will be a film divided into eight episodes. We’re working with my screenwriters, but there’s still a little time left. We have two or three titles and then we decide. The protagonist will be a woman. Because the company that co-produces it is American, we will shoot it in English”.

Since then we learned the title and that the film may be released to TV or a streaming service, but that’s all. Sadly the chances of the film being good aren’t strong, given the poor quality of Dario’s recent work, but before that he made so many films that I love, I’m still not quite ready to give up on him. And surely the result has got to be better than that atrocious remake of Suspiria, hasn’t it?



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