As a big Demons fan [it’s probably the ultimate guilty pleasure Italian horror film for me], I don’t know how I missed the news three years ago that Demons star Geretta Geretta [a.k.a. Geretta Giancarlo] was writing something that was “more or less” her version of Demons 3. But now it looks like that project is finally moving forward, as it has been announced that Geretta is teaming with Demons and Demons 2 director Lamberto Bava for a project that will “have DNA closely tied to Bava’s original Demons film”. Geretta is writing and directing the film, which will be set and shot in New Orleans, while Bava is co-producing and ‘presenting’,  much like Dario Argento did with the 1985 flick. It’s being produced by Kansas Bowling [who had a small role as one of the Manson girls in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood], who will also serve as cinematographer alongside Michael Shershenovich, shooting in Bowling’s preferred medium of 16mm.

The Demons 3 situation got rather confusing in the late ’80s. The third film was almost made, but ended up being turned into Michele Soavi’s The Church, while two other films; The Ogre and Black Demons, were released as Demons 3 in many territories despite having nothing to do with Demons and Demons 2. I get the feeling that this new film will follow on from Demons more than Demons 2 [which totally ignored Demons anyway], though we have no plot details so far.

Anyway, I’ll be keeping a big eye on this project from now on. Filming is planned to begin some time this year.

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