There are cool dads….and then there are dads who are totally awesome. I’d place Sam Murphy in the latter category. His son Carter’s wish for his birthday was to meet Jason Voorhees. So he decided to make this happen. As first reported by ‘GeorgeTakei.com’, Sam hired a local special effects artist to play the role of Jason and got him to pick Carter up from school on his birthday. As he told the site:

“It was a nice experience. He was walking down the street holding hands with Jason. He has issues with touching, he won’t hold my hand. Carter hasn’t shut up about it. Jason gave him a t-shirt and he hasn’t taken it off since. I can’t get it in the wash. Carter was so excited, he hasn’t stopped speaking about it since.”

Sam was even able to shoot a video of the occasion!

Beat that Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger!

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