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Dare you say his name five times? I remember being a kid, when my friends and me would freak each other out with the Candyman game (an advantage of having an older brother was seeing this sort of thing underage). It was like the Bloody Mary legend, only better. We’d wait ‘til it was late, then challenge each other to look in a mirror and repeat his name until we got too scared. Looking back, I still don’t know if I reached time number five. Now a whole new generation of impressionable children will get the chance to play, as Candyman is back! Produced by Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld, through Peele’s company Monkeypaw Productions, this update follows the same rough premise as the original. Anthony, a socially pronounced artist in Chicago who researches the urban legend of Candyman. After investigating the killer’s last known whereabouts, strange killings begin to occur around Anthony. The protagonist will serve a role similar to that of Helen Lyle, the main character of the original movie. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Teyonah Parris will be starring, and what’s particularly exciting is Tony Todd has indicated that he’s in the cast as well. You can check out the poster below.

Beautiful, right? Personally, I have high hopes for this film. The Candyman mythos is dead interesting, and in a day when anything can become a viral challenge, I expect the Nia DaCosta directed flick will handle character becoming a meme. Given how some of his themes have echoed the original, I’m also stoked about Jordan Peele’s involvement. And can’t imagine him working on something that simply retells the old story. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the new movie acknowledged the old one as part of the lore, assessing the cultural impact cinema can have and perhaps having Todd face off against a new, rebooted Candyman. Heck, maybe it’ll even help his Candyman take his rightful place among second-tier horror icons such as Pinhead, Chucky and The Tall Man. We’ll likely know soon enough: look out for the trailer dropping on Thursday. In the meantime, you can get your first sneak preview at the tweet below and have him haunt your timeline.

Update, the trailer has dropped!

Here’s the first trailer for Candyman! I have mixed thoughts. I really dug the scene in the bathroom, where the five girls were lined up in front of the mirror. As mentioned before, this sort of Candyman Challenge idea is pretty cool and has potential in the viral age. It’s also an angle that the original ditched quite early on in favour of Helen’s investigation. However, I thought the rest of it was a bit bland and looked surprisingly faithful to the first. I am still very optimistic about it though! Trailers often don’t do horror films justice, the concept is still great, and Peele’s definitely the guy you want on board with the script. On that point, I was also evidently wrong in thinking the makers would go for a meta angle – which is probably no bad thing. The song choice was also good fun, and didn’t feel as much like pandering to a younger crowd as it would on paper. In short, I’ll still be there opening night.

Candyman is scheduled for release in UK cinemas on 12th June.

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