Robert Englund frequently seems to have a lot to say about Freddy Krueger, but I don’t mind at all because I love the guy and he played the role so well. And, in an interview with ‘Arrow in the Head’, he discussed potential new Elm Street projects again, namely a prequel and a remake of both the first and third movies in the series.

“I think that the franchise probably deserves a really good prequel. There’s never been an entire movie devoted to Freddy before he was burned and the crimes and getting caught by the police and going on trial and getting away with killing children. We know that he was set free, so to me, the great part in the prequel is gonna be the lawyers, the lawyers that get him off. These ambulance-chasing lawyers [or whatever they are] that get Freddy off and then, of course, the ending would be the vigilante parents burning him. That would be the end of the movie, but I think there’s a great story there somewhere … I think it could sustain 90 minutes”.

“If, for instance, they remade Part III Dream Warriors, which is the biggest hit of the franchise, I would love to be invited to do a cameo. I think there’s a tradition in horror movies and in remakes for the cameo. It’s a certain kind of valentine to the fans and I know that there’s a part in Dream Warriors where the great Priscilla Pointer played this sort of skeptical dream therapist in the group sessions. I think it would be fun for me to play that part if there was a remake … to have me not believe in collective nightmares. Having played Freddy, everybody’s favorite nightmare, I think it would be fun for me to play a guy that doesn’t believe in nightmares”.

“With the new technologies in special effects, I think there are several sequences in several of the franchise entries that would really benefit from a remake with all of the technology. If you remember the effects from Inception, those effects now have grown by light years in terms of what they look like and I would love to see a couple of those effects used in one of the Nightmare movies to really enhance the dream landscape, the kind of nightmare world”.

I really like the idea of this prequel, but would it actually make a satisfying film, especially seeing as it would be devoid of all that dream stuff and potentially be a much nastier affair? I’m not sure. And please leave Dream Warriors alone, it’s my favourite of the whole series. But another remake of the first film re-doing some of the cooler effects sequences in the series? I’m up for that as long as they really do utilise good visual effects instead of the substandard stuff that’s very prevalent. Instead of doing what the first reboot of A Nightmare On Elm Street did, why not really go with the fantasy stuff, the surreal nightmares?

What’s the hold up? It’s not as if Jason’s going to be on the big screen any time soon…..

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