Booooo!….is what I say. When you hold certain films very dear to your heart, the thought of them being remade is horrible. Bride Of Frankenstein is one such example to me. I thought that we’d heard the last of the planned remake of this when Universal canceled it after the box office under-performance of The Mummy. But no, it seems to have popped up again.

A ‘Variety’ article has made it clear that Universal is still very much interested in this project.

“In the past year alone, figures like Oscar-nominated producer Amy Pascal and freshman horror sensation John Krasinski have been quietly exploring ways to reimagine the skunk-haired creature for the cineplex”.

The site informs us that Pascal is currently at the center of the Bride’s resurrection, and that she has “floated the project by” none other than Sam Raimi, but Raimi will probably be busy with Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. She’s also spoken to David Keopp who wrote the screenplay for the Bill Condon directed/Angelina Jolie-starring version which almost hit the cameras. However, Jolie, despite still being linked to the character, is unlikely to work with Pascal due to the revelation of some emails back in 2015 when the Sony hack revealed an blunt exchange between Pascal and producer Scott Rudin, filled with disparaging remarks about Jolie.

The studio’s response to all this is:
“Amy expressed interest in being involved with Bride Of Frankenstein, and just as the studio has done with numerous other filmmakers, we empowered her to explore a new vision for the Universal monster character and come back with a new and inventive take. Nothing has been solidified in an official capacity”.

John Krasinski also tinkered with an iteration of Bride Of Frankenstein and some other Universal characters last year, but in the end changed his mind to focus on  A Quiet Place 2. Elizabeth Banks was also offered it, but went for The Invisible Woman. The same goes for Paul Feig, who pivoted to the hybrid concept Dark Army, a monster mashup of well known ghouls and some original characters he’s conceived.

While I’m far from being a fan of Feig and Banks, it’s certainly getting pretty interesting on the Universal Monsters front. The Invisible Man is predicted to do good box office – and actually I’m rather looking forward to it.

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