Well The Invisible Man has been a major success at the box office, so Blumhouse, perhaps unsurprisingly, have decided to resurrect another, even more iconic character and place him in today’s world. That character is Dracula, recently seen in the BBC/Netflix mini-series. The third and final episode of that was also set in today’s time, though turned out to be  something of a disaster. In fact the Count doesn’t have a particularly good track record in terms of being in the present day. Out of Hammer’s two attempts, one was poor and was decent though neither film did much with the character. Dracula 2000 was kind of fun but a bit crap really when you get down to it. Oddly the most successful attempt so far has been the 1979 comedy Love At First Bite.

I doubt very much if Blumhouse’s film will be going for the laughs, and hopefully it will find a way to make Dracula scary and relevant much as they did with the Invisible Man. The project will be tackled by director Karyn Kusama [Destroyer, Jennifer’s Body], while Phil Hay [Destroyer, Ride Along] is writing the screenplay.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this.

Meanwhile, Blumhouse head  Jason Blum recently said about a potential sequel to The Invisible Man:

“There are no plans to make a sequel, but I would love to make a sequel, and I’m certainly going to try and make a sequel, But so far, there are no plans to make one.”


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