Five days ago, John Carpenter tweeted this sad news:

“Gary B. Kibbe, the great cinematographer, has passed away at 79. He photographed most of my movie since 1987. He was a kind man, a great collaborator. I’ll miss him”.

It’s usually Dean Cundey who tends to be most associated with Carpenter’s movies, but Kibbe’s often very similar work on the likes of In the Mouth of Madness, They Live and especially Prince of Darkness is just as impressive and adds immensely to the atmosphere of the films. Kibbe also photographed RoboCop 3, Double Dragon and episodes of Tales from the Crypt, but he spent far more of his career as the camera operator on many films including Halloween 2, Big Trouble in Little China, Stand By Me and Misery.

R.I.P. Gary.

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