David Lynch Releases New Short: FIRE(POZAR)

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Following up from What Did Jack Do at the start of the year, David Lynch has once again opened up his archives and given us a new short film. Originally released in 2015 and previously never seen outside of screenings and exhibitions, Lynch has uploaded the new animated short – FIRE(POZAR) – to his YouTube channel.

Announced at the start of this week in a low key tweet he said:

Dear Twitter Friends, David Lynch Theater presents FIRE (POZAR) on Wednesday, May 20th at 10 A.M. PDT.

Overall, I’m a fan. I think the animation harks back to some of his older shorts and multimedia projects which gives the impression of one of his paintings brought to life as a gif. Like with all his films, the directors name alone conveys more of what you should expect that a short description could.

Recently, the same channel has become active with Lynch himself reviving a previous online series, where he gives daily weather reports from his home in Los Angeles.

Check out the short below:

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