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I reckon many people reading this article will be missing going to the cinema. Sure, it may be noisy, it may be expensive and you can’t pause the film if you need a pee. There’s just something about it that a TV, no matter how good, can’t contend with. Luckily not everything needs to be watched that way though. Sometimes a movie comes along that actually benefits from the intimacy of the small screen. Heck, given the format and subject matter I reckon this one would still work bloody well when watched with headphones on a laptop.

Death of a Vlogger, an excellent little mockumentary by writer/ director/ star Graham Hughes, is coming to a tele or computer near you. It’s a supernatural horror for the social media age, focusing on a fictional version of Graham – this one a moderately successful vlogger, hungry for more clicks – attempting to document the paranormal activity in his Glasgow flat. Teaming up with his girlfriend Erin (Annabel Logan), and “psychic” Steve (Paddy Kondracki), he gets recording, leading to this documentary about his obsession, his downfall and (possibly) his demise. Cue jump scares done properly, sustained moments of tension and even the first-ever VR live-streamed séance as Graham learns about the dark side of the Internet.

I appreciate this may sound like a dozen other movies you’ve seen over the years, but I assure you it’s not. Without going into spoiler territory, Death of a Vlogger repeatedly defies expectations, resulting in a unique, and genuinely unpredictable horror, with a very Scottish sense of humour.  Don’t just take my word for it though. This was the first film in FrightFest’s history to premiere at London, and then receive an encore screening at the Glasgow event the following Spring. With much to say about online culture, why we believe the things we do and even mental health it’s among the smartest and scariest, titles of the year so far. Plus by focusing on the self-perpetuating, addictive, allure of online fame it answers the usual question of why the camera’s still on.

Death of a Vlogger will be available on a range of digital platforms from July 6th, via 101 Films. You can read my review here.

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