LATEST NEWS: Evil Dead 2 Sequel (remake) Would Have Saw a Mia and Ash Team Up!


While many horror fans are not really happy with the numerous reboots/remakes of their favourite old classics, the new vision of the Evil Dead, released in 2013 and directed by Fede Alvarez was one of the rare ones that was actually well received by fans of new and old.  The remake even manage to create a new fan favourite in the shape of Mia (Jane Levy) who fought off the horde of deadites to much critical acclaim.

In the craze of  Marvel’s “a scene at the end of the credits” era, the horror threw up the fantastic sight of a Bruce Campbell cameo which delighted the fans even more and now thanks to Bloody Disgusting, we have some news that Alvarez’s original plan was to see Mia and Ash actually team up for a sequel!

Here is a snippet of what he told the guys over at Bloody Disgusting!

We started writing a sequel [right away] – thinking about what the sequel is going to be. We all agreed it was going to happen. Rodo [Sayagues] and I started thinking about it. We had the full story and then basically, it was strange…the whole intention was to do that, to team [Ash and Mia] up. That was always the goal, but I think Sam had different goals. Sam wanted to have Bruce back for the TV show that came out a few years after that. “

“It was complex to make the movie at the time and whatever mythology we were going to create with them, and it would have been complicated for the show because Sam had his own ideas of what would happen to Ash, and he wanted to tell that story. So that’s why…it [ended up] not happening.”

Shame really as even though we did have that kick ass TV show that had a fully camped up Campbell in all his gory glory, its a shame we missed out on what would have been a tantalising sequel to a much loved franchise.

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