LATEST NEWS: Report suggests that Bill and Ted Face The Music could head straight to Digital release!


For an older generation, Bill and Ted are a duo that brings back fantastic memories of growing up, an era where “Dude” and “Bodacious” were the words to say to your friends in everyday life.

After their Bogus journey way back in 1991, we never thought we would see the iconic characters again, but amazingly, Keanu Reeves and Bill Winter are returning for a third movie but it seems that their “Face The Music” adventure, may head off straight to Digital!

According to a report by CNN Business, its looking likely that the next film will head that way.

Here is what was said:

“While major blockbusters are likely to stay in theaters, other summer films like “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” and “Bill & Ted Face the Music” could make their way to digital.”

Jeff Bock, senior analyst at Exhibitor Relations, says: “We just don’t know at this point what the world will look like in June and July, but what we do know is if studios are planning to release these films in theaters, they’d have to begin advertising them right now. That’s more money that they might be risking. That’s why some of these films make a lot of sense going straight to digital.”

With the uncertainty that lies ahead, studios are no doubt running alternative scenarios, crunching numbers and ultimately weighing the possibility of more films going to on-demand. The pandemic will likely only streamline which films fit into that pipeline more and more going forward.”

In some ways, fans should be delighted that we getting a new Bill and Ted no matter how its released, but at the same time, shouldn’t a new generation get to see their capers on the big screen?

We have to wait and see, but with Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot behind the camera, hopes are there that this long awaited sequel will deliver.

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