IS THIS TRUE? Rumoured character to appear in Halloween Kills…..WARNING SPOILER!


If you don’t want any spoilers about the eagerly awaited Halloween Kills, then look away now.













With fans excited for the next saga in the Michael Myers story, with Halloween Kills set to hit cinema’s on October 15th, news reaches us of a surprise appearance from an old friend in the new film.

Dark Universe are reporting that the one and only Doctor Loomis will somehow play a part in the new story. Most probably in the rumoured 1978 flashback within the film.(

Loomis was played by the legendary Donald Pleasance who appeared in all the Michael Myers films up until the fifth film (The Curse Of Michael Myers) before he sadly passed away.

Lets hope the scene in question does the character justice!

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  1. We knew Dr. Loomis would make an appearance since it’s been known that a ’78 flashback scene is part of the movie. I think the surprise will be Hawkins reappearing when we thought he was dead in ’18.

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