Every now and again we hear news of a Friday The 13th project which never came to fruition, and the latest is not a film but a book from the one and only Stephen King. It seems that he was, and still is, a big fan of the franchise, and he recently posted on Twitter about his proposed novel.

“The best novel idea I never wrote [and probably never will] is I Jason, the first person narrative of Jason Voorhees and his hellish fate; killed over and over again at Camp Crystal Lake. What a hellish, existential fate! Just thinking about the legal thicket one would have to go through to get permissions makes my head ache. And my heart, that too. But gosh, shouldn’t someone tell Jason’s side of the story?”

So what we would have had here is, much like Edge Of Tomorrow, Russian Doll and Happy Death Day, another variant on Groundhog Day, but from the perspective of the screen’s most prolific serial killer. Sounds great to me, and I do wonder if this would be a great premise for a new movie if and when it happens; you could still have all the creative deaths and stupid teenagers you could think of. However, the on-going legal situation of course means that the chances of it ever being written or made are slim. And, surely, if you think about it, Jason only really died at the end of the fourth film Friday The 13th: the Final Chapter.



Source: Bloody Disgusting

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