FrightFest Halloween (2020): Films ranked

One last thing, before I go, and retire that pumpkin image for good. I have the tough job of ranking each and every film I’ve seen across the past five days. This time it’s been extra tricky since it’s really been among the most consistent FrightFests I’ve been to. And almost everything that showed is something I’d gladly see again. Please note that this order doesn’t necessarily reflect the number of stars something got on the day, as a few of these movies seemed better or worse in the cold light of morning. Also, festival goggles very much apply. I’ve been wrong about these things in the past, most notably when I sided with The Master Cleanse over Train To Busan, and doubtlessly will be again. However, I think my top 4 are pretty damn concrete.

1. Relic
2. Alien On Stage
3. Hosts
4. Tailgate
5. The Owners
6. Held
7. Stranger
8. Caveat
9. Let’s Scare Julie
10. The Stylist
11. The Sinners
12. Slaxx
13. The Reckoning
14. Redwood Massacre Annihilation
15. The Banishing
16. Don’t Look Back
17. Dangerous To Know
18. Blood Harvest
19. The Nights Before Christmas

Once again, my huge thanks for Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones and Greg Day. In the UK horror scene, you guys bow to nobody. Also, the sponsors Horror Channel, Zavvi, Den of Geek and, of course, Arrow Video. The HorrorCultFilms web-mistress Bat too, for asking me all those years ago if I’d like to be the correspondent for these events. Not to mention the rest of our team, and all of our readers, who make HorrorCultFilms the most exciting genre site in the UK. In coming months I hope to see the movies I missed – particularly Benny Loves You, which has got social media talking. When I do, you’ll no doubt have the option to read about them here. ‘Til then I wish you all a fond farewell and goodnight.

You can read my diaries here, here, here, here and here. I have also done separate reviews of Relic and Alien on Stage.

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  1. Thanks for the nomination in second place to Alien on stage documentary. As one of the characters I feel that everyone deserves this, if it wasn’t for Lucy Harvey and dannialle kummer, we wouldn’t have had the chance to appear at frightfest.

    • Absolutely. A huge congrats and thanks to you lot for putting on the show, and to them for having the good sense to document it – brilliantly, I should add. Hopefully they’ll get to share you guys with the world soon 😀

  2. As captain dallas I just want to say a big thank you to everyone involved and everyone that has seen the play and the documentary it is just such zn unbelievable experience can’t wait to do it again sometime

  3. It’s so wonderful to be ranked 2 in your concrete top 4! We really appreciate your kind words and support. Thanks to you David and thanks to the Paranoid Dramatics crew for being such a brilliant community and for being so natural on camera. Big love and face-hugs Lucy and Danielle

    • Love and face-hugs back at Lucy and Danielle. The most uplifting and inspiring documentary I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Can’t wait to get the chance to see it again and share it with people 😀

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