We all like a good ‘what if’, and here’s a corker. Yes, the sequel to Predator which ended up starring Danny Glover as a much more ‘everyman’ hero than the one played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original, almost had Steven Seagel as the lead! ‘Bloody Disgusting’ informs us that Howard Gorman interviewed director Stephen Hopkins in celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary, and he mentioned the name of Seagal.

“I had to go and have a meeting at his house. Which was one of the craziest afternoons I’ve had. It was bizarre – he’s a very unusual, slightly twisted kind of guy. In the end, I couldn’t see myself doing it with him.”

“He was desperate to do it. I went into his house and he took me into a room where all the walls were covered with guns. He told me he wanted to play a CIA-psychiatrist who was also a martial arts expert who carried a gun. He was clearly a little crazy at the time. And I was like this is different than the way we’re going so I guess we shouldn’t do it. He said, ‘You know, I want you to come to my house in Santa Barbara.’ He said, ‘I’ve got a grenade launching range there, we can launch grenades together’. I said, ‘Yeah… great, we’ll do that’. Sorry, I’m not a fan of his.”

I really like Seagal in his early phase so I’d have loved to have seen him in this even though I feel that Glover is perfect in Predator 2, a film I personally enjoy even more than Predator.

And more Predator news; this is a few days old so you may or may not know this, but Predator 5 is definitely happening with 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s Dan Trachtenberg writing and directing. This comes as something of a surprise since The Predator under-performed at the box office. However, rumours that Schwarzenegger will be appearing seem to be false; apparently he only wants to be in it if he can be the lead, which is unlikely.

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