Aronofsky and Leto to re-team for horror flick “Adrift”

They haven’t teamed up since Requiem of a Dream, but director Darren Aronofsky and Jared Leto are getting back together for an intriguing horror film, simply called “ADRIFT”.

Yes, its that old horror plot of a discovered abandoned ship, that may offer up some haunting spookiness, but with the talent behind the camera, we know that is could offer up something fresh, even more so as it will be based on the book by Koji Suzuki who wrote RING, that inspired of course Ringu and the American version.

Here is the synopsis of Adrift and as of yet, there is no release date planned.

The story is set in the dead calm of the open sea, where a fishing boat discovers an abandoned yacht with a strange distress call. A deckhand agrees to take lone control of it while it’s towed into port, but soon he discovers why the rest of his more experienced crew members call it a Ghost Ship

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