Could Halloween Kills Skip Theatres and Head Straight For Streaming?


Michael Myers fans were left disappointed in October when his visit to Haddonfield was delayed for a full year which was unsurprising due to nearly every new film in 2020 being delayed, due to the real life horror that is happening out there.

Will pressure growing again as release dates for films like Fast 9 and Black Widow on the horizon, with whispers that the Scarlett Johansson solo Avenger outing was being considered for a DISNEY + release, but MARVEL are still hoping for a big screen release, but are “watching carefully” at the situation, John Carpenter was asked about what will happen to Halloween Kills, if it ends up being in the same situation towards the end of the year and could it go straight to Streaming!

Here is what he told NME

“Sure. Halloween may be shared that way because theatres are dead. It’s just the reality right now. And it’s a tragedy, but it’s true. We just have to face it. The studio did contact David and I, and they had us put off the new one by a year in the hope that things got better. So we’re still hoping it will get better.”


At the moment the much anticipated Halloween Kills is due to hit cinemas on October 15th, but if nothing changes by then, its looking more likely that fans will not have to wait another 12 months and Myers will be coming home no matter what.

Carpenter who has already seen the film was quoted saying

“It is the quintessential slasher film. It is so intense and it even stuns me how incredible it is”

More as we get it!

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