Its 100% Official! A Face/Off Remake is coming with Adam Wingard Directing…..WHY?


ts a remake that seems needless and to be honest, not many people are asking for and yet Paramount Pictures clearly do not care and are pressing ahead with it, as tonight its been confirmed that Adam Wingard is to direct a remake of the 90’s action classic Face/Off.

The original which was released in 1997 and was directed by John Woo, had two standout performances by John Travolta and Nicolas Cage as two arch enemies, one a FBI Agent, the other a criminal mastermind, who swap faces, which resulted in high octane action and one of our favourite action movies ever made.

This idea feels like it could well be the next “Point Break“, a remake that flopped badly as it simply could not recapture the magic of its original, but its now up to Wingard who enters the fray on the back of the upcoming “Godzilla vs. Kong” and having made such films like “You’re Next” and the “Blair Witch” sequel.

He will write the script alongside Simon Barrett.

Yes, we at HCF feel your pain!



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