ELM ST 4 Director Renny Harlin Returning to the Horror Genre with THE REFUGE

Its been a while since Renny Harlin had a big hit on his hands, but the director who gave the film world some pretty big hits with the likes of Nightmare on Elm St Part 4, Prison, Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2 on his CV (including a few more), but its been 2013 since he stepped into the horror genre with The Dyatlov Pass Incident and now he is heading back with THE REFUGE which is due to start filming this April.

Here is the Synopsis:

Sergeant Rick Pedroni, who comes home to his wife Kate changed and dangerous after suffering an attack by a mysterious force during combat in Afghanistan. Officials say her husband suffered a heavy brain injury, but Kate knows it is more than PTSD. As Rick undergoes unsettling therapy with other traumatized soldiers, Kate discovers he has been possessed by a malevolent spirit.

Doesn’t quite smack of originality, but when on form, Harlin is a very good director and he seems delighted to back in the genre.

 “ I love making horror films because of the visual opportunities and character studies they offer. The Refuge is a terrifying journey into the deepest corners of the human spirit. It’s not just a regular horror film about a haunted house or a merciless killer. It’s an examination of what can happen when an evil, demonic spirit possesses an innocent mind.

The project is a Revelations Entertainment and B2Y production.

Any further details and we’ll bring it to you.


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