SEEDS OF THE DEAD by Andy Kumpon and Gary Malick [Book Review]

by Andy Kumpon and Gary Malick
Available in paperback and ebook

Peter Malik works as a scientist, researching and developing GMO crop seeds for food corporation, Moonstar Foods Inc, who supply the bulk of the food for the ever-growing population. The company has come under heavy protest by eco-warriors against genetically modified food, but Peter knows that the he wants to be a part of the solution to be able to feed the world, even if science is involved. Unfortunately for Peter and his assistant Rory, it seems the Beaudette sibling owners of Moonstar have something very different in mind for their GMO seeds as Peter discovers what exactly his research has contributed to. Peter must decide whether to go along with their nefarious plans or risk exposing Sofia and Richard Beaudette, but at what expense?

SEEDS OF THE DEAD is a fun and fast-paced, action-packed horror novel, aimed squarely at the young adult market but great fun for older horror fans too. With a pair of ruthless villains, in the shape of siblings Sofia and Richard Beaudette, at the helm, it’s not long before things get a bit out of control for our protagonist Peter. Bringing an energetic, gore-spilling twist to the zombie genre, the story follows Peter as he returns to his hometown of Green Bluff where he decides to test the water against his corrupt employers which puts the entire town under threat… possibly even the world! It’s not long before the story develops into a survival thriller, just like many of our favourite zombie horror films although this one aims to keep the adrenaline high without much of a breather in-between.

The book’s narrative is driven by the characters as we get to know each and every one of them. Authors Kumpon and Malick brilliantly flesh out the group so we actually feel for them, even the ones who’s personalities seem a little abrasive or stuck up. Relationships are forged between strangers and we get to meet friends, family and associates of Peter which binds our investment into these characters as we join them in their quest for survival against a terrifying onslaught.

What I enjoyed about this book is that it rarely comes up for air. It’s paced very much like a movie, which makes sense knowing that the writers are also heavily involved in filmmaking themselves. In 232 pages, the reader is taken on a thrilling rollercoaster ride of emotion as people fight for their lives, create bonds and deal with death of loved ones, all whilst trying to find a safe haven in an ever-increasingly dangerous environment. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as there’s plenty of moments for laughter with humour injected into the storyline… and even the odd bit of flatulence.

SEEDS OF THE DEAD might be light-hearted in its approach to horror but there’s plenty to gross you out thanks to the starring role of the hideous, mutant undead, oozing and dribbling body fluids wherever they go. I enjoyed this switch up of the genre as I feel there’s only so much you can do with zombies so having a different type than what we’re used to, complimented by the sinister narrative, very much works in the story’s favour.

As I mentioned earlier in the review, I’d say this book is ideal for teenagers as it has a comedic streak to it and a smattering of explicit language, although there’s a couple of scenes that will even make adults wince. None of the violence is particularly drawn out though and, towards the latter end of the book, some events are over quicker than I would have liked. SEEDS OF THE DEAD is prime for anyone who loves a bit of horror-comedy-action or those who would like to cleanse their palate with a lighter than usual read as we all need a break from those heavy, bleak horrors from time to time. With such a thrilling plot full of set pieces, it wouldn’t surprise me if authors Andy Kumpon and Gary Malick attempt to bring this story to the screen. It’d make for one hell of a movie!

Eager to take the reader along for the ride, SEEDS OF THE DEAD invigorates the genre with its enthusiasm amidst a slew of gore, goo and entrails, all the while aided by some memorable monsters you won’t forget in a hurry.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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