Fans of Italian horror are lamenting the passing away of Giannetto De Rossi two days ago from natural causes. De Rossi entered into the horror hall of fame for creating the gruesome makeup effects on Lucio Fulci’s Zombie [Zombie Flesh Eaters], The Beyond and House By The Cemetery, perhaps most notably a certain infamous ‘splinter meets eyeball’ scene which remains a grisly highpoint of the golden age of Italian horror. He also created similar atrocities for the likes of Cannibal Apocalypse and The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, but he had a long and varied career, even working for giants of cinema such as Sergio Leone [Once Upon A Time In The West], Federico Fellini [Fellini’s Casanova] and Bernardo Bertolucci [1900], as well as contributing to more commercial fare and even some Hollywood films including¬†Dune, Conan The Destroyer, Rambo 3 and Dragonheart. Towards the end of his career the productions he worked on became less high profile, but he did make a terrific comeback in the horror genre for Haute Tension [Switchblade Romance].

RIP Giannetto. Thank you for the sights you’ve shown us.

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