How Horror Movies have Changed to Keep us on the Hook

It doesn’t matter whether it is haunted houses, merciless jump scares or even dark cellars because it’s safe to say that there are many things that people associate with horror. That might not have always been the case, though. Some horror trends have fallen in and out of fashion. On top of this, what we perceive to be horror has changed quite drastically too.

Matter of Taste

When it all comes down to it, it would seem that horror is always going to be a matter of taste. There are well over a century of movies to choose from, and there are tons of subgenres. There is an excellent chance that there is something out there that is enough to send shivers down your spine. That being said, horror is genuinely not a one-size-fits-all approach. The scare factor is subjective.  There are even gaming sites that have gone out of their way to create spooky horror slots ideal for an evening of scares. With so many options from which to choose, there are many different formats out there for you to get your horror fix. That being said, it all comes down to the same point. What you are scared by comes purely down to a matter of taste.

Gore and CGI

There have been many advances done when it comes to special effects, and CGI has even given filmmakers the chance to dictate the scare in a way that just could not be delivered ten years ago. When you look at the ’60s, for example, you had Hammer. They helped to lay down the foundation for splatter horror. They had gallons of blood that gushed onto the screen. As time moved on, horror changed to include films such as Alien. This inclusion helped to push the limits, even more, adding sci-fi to the mix. It’s safe to say that we are much more exposed to gore now when compared to how it worked in the ’80s. Movies such as Halloween are now nowhere near as violent as they once were. Filmmakers have at their disposal the tools to make monsters and gore much more realistic. Additionally, it helps to set people on edge in terms of the visual experience.

Why Films Still Frighten Us Today

What is truly unique is that some movies still can scare us to this day. Students have very different reactions to horror, and some even find the Exorcist scary. Some people are not scared at all by the religious connotations in the Exorcist but are terrified by the scenes in Rosemary’s Baby. Either way, films can still shock us today even though the world we live in is very different.

That’s the beautiful thing about horror is the fact that it is utterly timeless. Films are never going to stop being scary because everyone has different tastes, and it’s all very much subjective.

That being said, directors and writers are continually looking for ways to try and break down barriers while also creating new ways to scare people. It’s a constantly evolving challenge that is helping to transform the industry as we know it for the better. Who knows what the future holds, but right now, it would seem that the world of horror is still as scary as it ever was. Fans of horror movies and TV programmes constantly look for that thrill or excitement that a good scare can only achieve.