Bad Food-Based Characters

You may be surprised at the amount of bad food there is out there. We’re not talking about food past its use by date, or those with a green and white furry tinge, but food-based characters that are out to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world. Although this could result in an astonishingly long list, we’ve honed in on a few bad food-based characters for you to devour.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Brought to life in the Ghostbusters film as a giant character of evil, Mr Stay-Puft was the personification of the god Gozer, after Gozer demanded the Ghostbusters choose the destructor’s physical form. Ray Stantz, played by Dan Aykroyd, comes up with Mr Stay-Puft because he thought it’d be the least harmless, but wasn’t he wrong?!

Marshmallows make up Mr Stay-Puft’s body, which is adorned with a sailor’s hat with a red ribbon and blue hat collar, blue sailor’s collar, and a red handkerchief. This 100-foot marshmallow mountain wreaks havoc on New York, with the world in its sights and the Ghostbusters, too.

Dark Enchantress Cookie

Considered a Legendary Cookie, which makes her a non-player character (NPC), Dark Enchantress is the main antagonist in Cookie Run. However, in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, she does appear to have some player options. Having been the main catalyst of the Dark Flour War, she’s quite rightly considered a villain. But don’t take our word for it, read the latest Cookie Run news articles online to find out more. What we do know is that the Dark Enchantress brings chaos to wherever she is. As a result, she poses a real threat to GingerBrave and company and even manages to overpower The Five.


Endive is a type of lettuce that has pointed leaves and a bitter flavour if eaten raw, while also happening to be the main antagonist in Chowder. She’s also a main chef, who many think specialises in pastry. Endive cannot stand Mung, who equally feels the same about her. However, there are some who think her disdain towards her rival masks her true feelings.

Endive is a larger-than-life character whose size is often the centre of jokes between Mung and his team. She’s loud and shouts down anyone who disagrees with her and is constantly trying to outdo Mung. She’s actually better at cooking Shmingerbread House than him, much to his annoyance. At times, she succeeds with devious plans that involve her loyal worker, Panini, helping to achieve her wicked goals.


People who’ve grown up in the 80s or are into pop culture will be familiar with this dastardly thief. Making his first appearance in a McDonald’s commercial in 1971, Hamburglar’s undergone many changes since then. However, it’s his iconic black eye mask, black and white striped one clothing, red cape, and red gloves that many of a certain age remember him as. Despite being known for thieving hamburgers, and the occasional cheeseburger, his attempts were usually thwarted. Even more surprising is that he was considered a friend by Ronald MacDonald, Grimace and Birdie, other characters in McDonaldland.

It’s doubtful that having characters created that are based on food will ever end because they are usually generic. Plus, creative license can be used to make them really stand out. We bet you’ll now look at food differently after reading about these bad food-based characters. Remember: you are what you eat, so make sure that wherever you’re chomping on has good intentions, for us all!