Demo For Role-Playing Videogame SLAY THE PRINCESS Set For Release 1st August 2022

Slay The Princess

You’re here to slay the princess if you don’t… it will be the end of the world

Don’t believe her lies and uncover the truth behind the dangerous princess in the demo for Lovecraftian time loop adventure, Slay the Princess, a cheeky horror tragicomedy and second game from Black Tabby Games.

In this fully-voiced roleplaying game, the player is tasked by a mysterious voice to kill a princess who has been imprisoned in a cabin hidden deep in the woods. If the player doesn’t fulfill their task, the voice alleges the princess will bring about the end of the world. But can the voice be trusted? Can the Princess be trusted? Can anyone be trusted?

Throughout their journey, the player will find they die… a lot. And every time they die, the game starts over, only things are a little different. The cabin is different; the Princess is different; even the voices in the player’s head are different. Everyone, except for the narrator, remembers everything that’s happened.

At its core, Slay the Princess is a game about choice and how our perceptions shape the world around us. Who the player chooses to believe and how they react to new information shifts the story’s direction dramatically, including changing the Princess herself. The next time you see her, will she be an ordinary princess, or will she be a towering, 10-foot-tall demon? Or, will she be something straight out of your nightmares?

Main features of the game include:

  • Time Loops: Depending on the playthrough, death is not always the end of the journey for players as they get another shot through time loops. These time loops help tell the story while giving the player opportunities to uncover the reason why they must slay the princess.
  • Multiple Endings: Enjoy replayability with almost ten distinct endings.
  • Stunning Visuals: Detailed artwork created by award-winning Abby Howard of The Last Halloween, The Crossroads at Midnight, The Earth Before Us, and many more.
  • Voice Acting: Voice actors Jonathan Sims and Nichole Goodnight lend their voices to the Narrator and Princess, helping the story come alive.

The demo for Slay the Princess is slated to be released on August 1st, 2022 on Steam. Wishlist the game today to stay up to date on the full release!

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