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Crow (2016)

CROW (2016) Directed by Wyndham Price The fall of an aristocrat, the death of a spouse and the quest to save family are all timeless themes, as recurrent in old myths as they are modern soaps. […]

No Picture
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  LIMITLESS New Release: In Cinema’s Wednesday 23rd March 2011 Review By  Ross Hughes HCF Critic Its quite fitting that Limitless is released at a time when everything is just so stressful.  With normal people struggling […]


Blood River (2009) by Dj Vivace

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj6YOKAkN_w[/youtube] Welcome back Adam Mason, the director of the rather clever Broken and the highly impressive Devil’s Chair. With Blood River Mason takes a unique approach to horror that is at times fascinating and for […]