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Stoker Hills

  A hybrid of found footage and conventional, Stoker Hills starts off fast, but quickly loses its way with its grand ambition….. Even though the Found Footage genre has now been literally done to death, […]

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THE FINAL WISH (2020) Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr. Aaron Hammond, a struggling law graduate in Chicago, returns to his family home in the sticks after learning of his father’s death. Whilst attempting to sell […]

wishmaster bluray

Wishmaster (1997)

Certificate: 15 Running Time: 90 mins Reviewer: David Gillespie – Official HCF Artist “Be careful what you wish for” is the tagline for the Wes Craven endorsed Wishmaster and ironically relevant with the likely catastrophic […]


LIVE-EVIL (2015)

AKA Grave Walkers Now available to stream Looking at the premise of Live-Evil a feeling of dread might start to sink it, but not for the reasons you’d be expecting. It’s one of those stories […]

No Picture


SABOTAGE (1996) Directed by Tibor Takács Michael Bishop is dishonourably discharged from the army when a Navy SEALS hostage rescue mission in Bosnia is sabotaged by rogue soldier Sherwood, who shoots Bishop seven times and […]

No Picture
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  Film: Hatchet II Written and Directed By Adam Green Starring: Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Parry Shen, Tom Holland Distributed By: Dark Sky Films Running Time: 89 Minutes  Rating: 18 Review By Ross […]



Reviewed By Ross Hughes “Its Martyrs meets Cloverfield!”…… Sometimes I sit there and wonder why my wife ever decided to live with me.  Its a Saturday Night, the chinese has come, the kids upstairs watching […]