Teaser Trailer for THE HUNGER GAMES Now Live

Following its worldwide premiere at the MTV Video Music Awards, Lionsgate have released a teaser trailer for The Hunger Games. [youtube][/youtube]  Starring Jennifer Lawrence (XMen: First Class), Josh Hutcherson (The Kids Are All Right), Donald […]

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A Horrible Way To Die (2010)

[youtube][/youtube] A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE (2010) Directed by Adam Wingard Written by Simon Barrett Starring AJ Bowen, Amy Seimetz and Joe Swanberg The film opens up as Garrick Turrell (AJ Bowen) leads his gagged […]

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Crazy World of Bat

The Saragossa Manuscript

This post isn’t so much about a horror film as such, but the film is certainly eerie and contains elements of the supernatural. Most importantly the film in question is interesting and well worth an […]

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Knuckle (2011)

KNUCKLE (2011) Directed by Ian Palmer [youtube][/youtube] For the last 12 years, Ian Palmer has been following Irish traveller families around the country as they settle disputes with one another by bare knuckle boxing. The […]