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KILLING (2018)

Available on demand and on Blu-ray from Third Window Films Welcome to the edge of the blade. And welcome back Tsukamoto fans. In some ways the culmination of what had come before, Killing includes further […]

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Available on demand and from Third Window Films Welcome to the inferno. And welcome back Tsukamoto fans. Some might say there’s no such thing as a true anti-war film. After all, something is always lost […]

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HAZE (2005)

Available now on Terra DVD and Third Window Films Blu-ray Welcome to hell. Or welcome back, Tsukamoto fans. The visceral nightmare that is Haze has limited appeal, but then again it’s only a limited running […]

Raging Fire


RAGING FIRE (2021) There are a lot of crime dramas in the annals of world cinema. Most of the expected tropes have been worn out long ago, but that’s okay. There’s always room for one […]

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Available now on Blu-ray and on VOD from Arrow Films One day I hope to enjoy life with even a small amount of the insane energy found in the 16mm films of Shinya Tsukamoto. Which […]

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Available now from Third Window Films and on VOD One day I hope to enjoy life with even a small amount of the insane energy found in the 16mm films of Shinya Tsukamoto. There’s no […]

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UK Release Date – TBC Stories about strange meteorites usually come in one or two flavours; the kind with cosmic horror or the schlock filled variety. Lorena Villarrea’s sci-fi drama on the other hand has […]



Now Available on VOD West of Sunshine is an independent drama from Australia about deadbeat dads and children who aren’t getting the right sort of attention from their parents. The sort of thing that sadly […]


RED ROVER (2018)

UK Release Date – TBC For some the potential of a mission to Mars is a pipe-dream or a diversion from problems here on planet Earth. For others it’s a prime example of the ambition […]


THE BEAST (2019)

Available now on VOD A lot of the South Korean thrillers that receive mainstream attention overseas might be considered eccentric or darkly comedic, but there is another side to this coin as Jung Ho-Lee’s crime […]

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Now Available on DVD In any artistic endeavour, film-making or otherwise, there’s an old saying ‘always steal from the best.’ Of course this isn’t enough to guarantee the quality of the final project but a […]

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STOMACH (2019)

UK Release Date – TBC With a strange title and a striking poster Alex Visani’s Stomach promises a lot. Both suggest all kinds of body horror imagery and subconscious desires. Does it ever deliver on […]

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HI-DEATH (2018)

UK Release Date – TBC I love to see a horror anthology, it’s one of my favourite things. Then again on the other hand I don’t like to see films that use mobile apps and […]

Firts Love


Available now on Blu-ray and VOD The films of Takashi Miike can be rather… eclectic. In recent years his output has included several manga adaptions and kids TV shows after all. But here he goes […]