CARGO (2017)

UK Release Date – TBC Cargo may be an apt title for a story in which people are changed from human beings into a commodity, but it’s certainly not a snappy name that makes this […]

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REPLACE (2017)

Available now on DVD and Amazon Prime Time for a bit of good old fashioned body horror, a sub-genre which is often employed to get both the brain cells and the stomach juices swirling once […]

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Part of the American Horror Project Vol2 Available on Blu-ray now from Arrow Films Time for some more weird super ’70s stuff courtesy of Arrow’s American Horror Project, a series in which a variety of […]

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DEMONLOVER (2002) Available on Blu-ray from Arrow Films The internet, like most aspects of computer technology, is always a problem for film makers in one way or another. Whether it’s the hardware itself being laughable […]

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AKA Shadows in Mind UK release date – TBC Small scale thrillers are often pretty surprising, particularly when the size of the locations are the inverse of the scope of the drama. Past film makers […]

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AKA Monster Party Available now on VOD and DVD Genre hopping movies that suddenly draw a dramatic line under the first forty-five minutes of a narrative aren’t often a thing for one reason or another, […]

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AKA The Strolling Invaders Coming to Blu-ray from Arrow Video 11-Feb-2019 While a lot of alien invasion stories tend to focus on the conflict between the human race and an unknown species, it’s interesting to […]

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THE DARK (2018)

Available now on Amazon Prime Well at least they didn’t give up entirely and call it The Woods. To say this is an unoriginal film may be a minor understatement as they crib from a […]