UK Release Date TBC Tabloid Vivant is a film which starts off with an offbeat jazz tune before diverting into brutal murder and then back to wacky rear projection car driving scenes, while occasionally throwing […]

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Available now on Amazon Video In a spooky forest a trio of guys have their douche-bag camping trip interrupted by a masked killer. They tie two of the three up after knocking them out (one […]

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Available on Amazon Video The Cursed is a supposed to be a supernatural thriller, as noted on some of the posters for the film in which the marketing team mistook the genre for the tagline. […]

Found Footage


While I’m a fan of the old school horror anthology, the found footage genre isn’t something I’ve ever really enjoyed although some films work in spite of, rather than because of it. The whole thing […]

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FEVER (2014)

After festival screenings in 2014, Fever was released by Artsploitation Films in May 2016. For additional details on the DVD and the film itself please see their site. Fever is a French crime story (not […]

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Coming to VOD July 2016 from Red Cardinal Films via Osiris Entertainment Like so many other low budget horror stories, Betrothed doesn’t have any subtlety when it comes to either the plot or the sources […]


The Lesson (2015)

Available on Amazon Video After 20 years Mr. Gale is at the end of his tether. Maybe it’s the choice of school or his methods but the students are all out of control and running […]


CLINGER (2015)

CLINGER (2015) Available on Amazon With its opening text about ‘first love’ and a sinister musical cue, Clinger sets the tone right away for a typical boy meets girl high school drama where something might […]


SPACE COP (2016)

Available on Blu-ray and from VHX now A genre melding mixture of comedy and horror or sci-fi is one of my favourite moods, whether it’s the old classics from someone like Peter Jackson, or newer […]



Dark night shots complete with car headlight beams in the mist are usually a sign that a horror story is on the cards. Particularly when they’re filmed in the local woods to save money. Most […]