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Coming to VOD July 2016 from Red Cardinal Films via Osiris Entertainment Like so many other low budget horror stories, Betrothed doesn’t have any subtlety when it comes to either the plot or the sources […]


The Lesson (2015)

Available on Amazon Video After 20 years Mr. Gale is at the end of his tether. Maybe it’s the choice of school or his methods but the students are all out of control and running […]


CLINGER (2015)

CLINGER (2015) Available on Amazon With its opening text about ‘first love’ and a sinister musical cue, Clinger sets the tone right away for a typical boy meets girl high school drama where something might […]



Dark night shots complete with car headlight beams in the mist are usually a sign that a horror story is on the cards. Particularly when they’re filmed in the local woods to save money. Most […]