In the 1600s, Solomon Kane is a bloodthirsty English pirate who fights for Queen Elizabeth.  When one of the Devil’s Reapers shows up and tells him he has sold his sould to the Devil, Solomon […]


Amer (2009) by Pazuzu

[youtube][/youtube] (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) The clue to this almost silent movie is in the title, Amer is French for “bitter”. If you believe this to be a plot spoiler then your badly mistaken, there is minimal […]


Outcast (2010) by Pazuzu

[youtube][/youtube] Boy, where to begin with this! We have three involving, at times complicated plots on offer here, each one heading towards the other in one of the most inventive and original horrors I have […]


The Town (2010) by Pazuzu

[youtube][/youtube] Ben Affleck proved his worth as a director with the exceptional Gone Baby Gone; does he pull it off a second time? Firstly, after Good Will Hunting, I didn’t think much of him, choosing […]


Open House (2010) by Pazuzu

[youtube][/youtube] This new “home invasion” thriller come horror is directed by the gorgeous Anna Paquin’s older brother, and he very kindly gives her the tiniest cameo in the film. It shows the desperation here because […]


Neds (2010)

Someone more wise than myself once said to me, ‘There’s one thing for sure. If someone keeps telling you that your shit, then you will eventually believe it’. Writer and director, Peter Mullan’s follows the […]


Dabbe (2006)

[youtube][/youtube] What’s that, i hear you say? Dabbe? Never bloody heard of it! Oh, and it’s Turkish. Turkish???? Pazuzu must be out of his bloody mind. What the hell is an unknown Turkish horror doing […]


Animals (2008)

[youtube][/youtube] HA!!!! Know what we have here? A horror starring Naveen Andrews, i’m sure you will all know him better as Sayed from Lost. He plays a strange man who can transform into an animal […]