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The Burning (AKA Cropsy) (1981)

[youtube][/youtube] The Burning (AKA Cropsy) (1981) First released: 1981 Director: Tony Maylam Current UK Status: Available uncut on Region 2, although there are rumours the Region 1 version is the full, uncut version. The Burning […]

The Video Nasty Project by Matt Wavish

Blood Feast (1963)

  [youtube][/youtube] Blood Feast Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis First Released: 1963 Current UK Status: Passed 18 Uncut It has taken me some time to get round to writing this analysis of Blood Feast because, being […]


The Beyond (1981)

  [youtube][/youtube] Director: Lucio Fulci First released: 1981 Current status: Supposedly available in the UK uncut, although the region 1 release by Grindhouse Releasing is the fullest version. Lucio Fulci is a bit of a […]


Axe (AKA Lisa Lisa) (1977)

  [youtube][/youtube] Directed by: Frederick R Friedel First released in 1982 Current status: Available uncut in both the UK and US (contains spoilers) Known as Axe for its UK release, this film was also known […]


Anthropophagous Beast (1980)

[youtube][/youtube] Directed by: Joe D’Amato First released: 1983 Current status: UK release is heavily cut, available uncut in the US Having never really heard of Joe D’Amato until now (shame on me I know!) I […]


Absurd A.K.A Horrible (1981)

[youtube][/youtube] Directed by: Joe D’Amato First released: 1982 Current Status: Still banned in the UK, available uncut in the US. So, the first film on the Video Nasties list is this, a film called Absurd […]