MEAT (2010)

AKA Vlees (Original title) Available on Amazon DVD (Content warning) Disconnected scenes, little sense of a narrative, and even less dialogue – these are often signs that a foreign language thriller is not going to […]

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Available now on Amazon Video The Cursed is a supposed to be a supernatural thriller as noted on some of the posters for the film, on which the marketing team mistook the genre for the […]



EXQUISITE CORPSE (2010) Written and Directed by Scott David Russell Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video A neuroscientist student’s worst nightmare becomes his reality when the girl he has loved from afar drowns during their […]

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Dream Home (2010)

Dream Home (2010) (18) Running Time: 94 minutes Director: Ho-Cheung Pang Writer: Ho-Cheung Pang Starring: Josie Ho, Eason Chan, Michelle Ye Reviewed by: Matt Wavish, official HCF critic On Blu-Ray from 25th May 2015 Taking […]


The Killing Strain (2010)

      The Killing Strain (2010) (18) Running time: 101 minutes Director: Daniel Maldonado Writers: Allen Green, Daniel Maldonado Cast: Tom Lagleder, Willie Bowen, Rick Carrillo, Venda D’Abato, Nina Leon Reviewed by: Matt Wavish […]

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Patrol Men (2010)

    Patrol Men (2010) (18) Running time: 90 minutes Directors: David Campion, Ben Simpson Writers: David Campion, Ben Simpson, Niall Maher Cast: Chloe Van Harding, Anthony Abuah, Ian Fielding, Josh Golga Reviewed by: Matt […]