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CURSED FILMS (2020) Directed by Jay Cheel A Shudder Original, available on Blu-Ray If you’re a fan of horror cinema, then you’ll no doubt have heard of the mutterings of cursed productions overs the years. […]

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REPRESSION (2020) Directed by Elbert van Strien Like Scottish art in general, Scottish films have a reputation for being dour: our’s is a culture that revels in miserablism. So I wasn’t surprised to see the […]



THRESHOLD (2020) Directed by Powell Robertson and Robert Patrick Young Streaming now on Arrow or available on Blu-Ray Leo finds himself on a road trip across the US with his sister Virginia who claims that […]

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COME PLAY (2020)

COME PLAY (2020) Written and Directed by Jacob Chase A young autistic boy named Oliver becomes the target of a monster from another dimension who attempts to reach the child through the phones and tablets […]


SCARE ME (2020)

SCARE ME (2020) Written and Directed by Josh Ruben On Blu-Ray now, and on DVD from 30th August 2021 SCARE ME is a quirky little horror comedy focusing on two horror authors who spend the […]

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ANTEBELLUM (2020) Written and Directed by Garard Bush and Christopher Renz Antebellum is on Digital Download, Blu-ray and DVD on 2nd August 2021 from Lionsgate UK Enslaved by the Confederates to work in the cotton […]

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THE BOYS [Season 2 Review]

THE BOYS (2020) Season 2 Available now on DVD and Blu-Ray and on Amazon Prime Following Season 1’s literally explosive finale, Season 2 sees The Boys split up following Butcher’s discovery that his late wife […]

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AGONY (2020)

AGONY (2020) Directed by Michele Civetta Wife and mother Isidora receives news of her estranged mother’s death and that she’s inherited the family estate in Tuscany. Despite her father’s wishes, Isidora travels to the estate […]