Z (2020)

Z DIRECTED BY BRANDON CHRISTENSEN This review contains mild spoilers but no specifics Often films about childhood fail to connect with what it’s like to be a child. However, the opening scene of Brandon Christensen’s […]

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Host (2020)

HOST Directed by Rob Savage By now you’re probably sick of reviewers looking at every new release through the lens of Covid. Hell, I know I’ve done it when covering The Platform or The Wolf […]

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INHERITANCE (2020) Directed by Vaughn Stein After her father’s death, district attorney Lauren Monroe is dismayed to be left peanuts in comparison to her brother, William, who’s running for senator. Knowing she was never the […]

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CODE 404 (2020) – Series 1

CODE 404 – Series 1 (2020) A Sky Original DI John Major is gunned down during an investigation titled Operation Bluefinch, leaving behind his wife, Kelly, and best friend and policing partner, DI Roy Carver. […]


PAYBACK (2020)

PAYBACK (2020) Directed by Jesse V. Johnson Having thought each other had died during their last job, partners in crime, Sue and French, decide to do one final job for their boss Tommy – a […]

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After Midnight (2020)

AFTER MIDNIGHT Directed by Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella Horror is like a house, with different rooms for different subgenres. The supernatural and slasher rooms are perhaps the biggest, though the zombie conservatory has seemed to […]

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Human Zoo (2020)

HUMAN ZOO Directed by John E Seymore Of the many experiments in horror films, including the time a demented surgeon fashioned a chain of people joined mouth to anus, the one in Human Zoo is […]

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The Droving (2020)

The Droving Directed by George Popov Almost 20 years ago, I remember watching a now mostly forgotten Scottish flick called The Last Great Wilderness: my first ever folk horror. And though bits and pieces of […]


Body Cam

A hybrid of The Grudge and End Of Watch, this Mary J Blige chiller has a deep rooted message within its story, but sells itself short in the scares….. For some strange reason the use […]



PROXIMITY (2020) Directed by Eric Demeusy A young man named Isaac goes hiking in the woods, recording a personal video diary on the suggestion of his therapist, when he witnesses a mysterious flying object crash […]

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UPLOAD – Season 1

UPLOAD Season 1 Now Available on Amazon Prime The year is 2033 and technology has advanced to a level that when you die, your consciousness can be ‘uploaded’ into a virtual world to live out […]

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Dangerous Lies (2020)

DANGEROUS LIES Directed by Michael M. Scott Towards the start of Netflix’s latest thriller, our main character Katie (Mendes) drives through a lovely looking suburb – the sort of place Lynch or Carpenter could turn […]

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Sea Fever

  The Thing goes Irish in this impressive looking debut feature by Neasa Hardiman that’s high in dread, but low on scares…. Horror on the sea is a long established entry in the genre that […]