THE DOORMAN (2020) Directed by Ryûhei Kitamura Available on DVD and Digital Download Former decorated marine Ali Gorski takes up a job as a doorman/bellboy at a posh apartment hotel building The Carrington after a […]

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LET IT SNOW (2020)

LET IT SNOW Directed by Stanislav Kapralov Drawing first blood this year, having the honours of being the first new film I’ve seen, is Let It Snow. From writer/ director Stanislav Kapralov, this horror-thriller takes […]


Spree (2020)

The internet gives way to many self contained worlds. All too easy to be sucked in, and many, including myself, are now born into it. Living around it, you can get stuck in a little […]


SEIZED (2020)

SEIZED (2020) Directed by Isaac Florentine Out now on DVD and Digital A father is forced back into the world he left behind when his son is kidnapped. Ordered to wipe out three cartel heads, […]

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SMILEY FACE KILLERS (2020) Directed by Tim Hunter Some brutal images of animal violence open up Bret Easton Ellis’ SMILEY FACE KILLERS, a film inspired by the theory of serial killers being responsible for the […]



  A troubled young girl, struggling with the death of her mother and her father’s new romance, gets the anger therapy she needs when a gang of escaped convicts knock on the door, in this […]


Honest Thief

  Liam Neeson is once more on the phone, threatening all those who have done him wrong, in this by the numbers action thriller from the co-creator of Oziak By now a Liam Neeson action film follows the […]

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Possessor (2020)

I’ve always had an interest in movies that (in a semi realistic way) attempt to tackle our current and future relationship with technology. It’s a balancing act, you want to convey the dangers, but also […]