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OFFSEASON (2021) Written and Directed by Mickey Keating Screening Exclusively on Shudder Marie Aldrich is summoned to Lone Palm Beach by the graveyard caretaker after her mother Ava’s grave is desecrated. Accompanied by her partner […]

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Dashcam (2021)

DASHCAM Directed by Rob Savage Depending on how well you know horror, you’ll either have heard of Dashcam as the film Vue almost certainly didn’t try to ban or the sophomore outing for director Rob […]



ITALY/JAPAN/BELGIUM/HOLLAND RUNNING TIME: 156 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera A journey through the life and career of Ennio Morricone [10 November 1928 – 6 July 2020], one of the greatest composers of film music, told […]



HOMEBOUND (2021) Written and Directed by Sebastian Godwin Homebound is in cinemas now and on digital from 4th April 2022 from Blue Finch Film Releasing Holly joins her new husband Richard in meeting his three […]



FOLLOWERS (2021) Written and Directed by Marcus Harben After being publicly disgraced and thrown off a reality TV programme, rich boy influencer Jonty decides to enroll in further education and signs up to university. However, […]

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MIDNIGHT (2021) Directed by Oh-Seung Kwon Korean Language with English Subtitles Available on Blu-Ray A deaf young woman named Kyung-mi becomes the target of a mysterious serial killer prowling the streets at night. When she […]


The Power (2021)

  A young nurse fights off ghouls in the dark in Corinna Faith’s electrifying directing debut….. Its 1973 and Great Britain is having literally one of its darkest periods. A labour government in crisis and the miners […]

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Slapface (2021)

SLAPFACE Directed by Jeremiah Kipp From the opening shot, in which we see young Lucas (Maturo) getting an open palm whack by his older brother Tom (Manning), we know Slapface isn’t going to be the […]

Raging Fire


RAGING FIRE (2021) There are a lot of crime dramas in the annals of world cinema. Most of the expected tropes have been worn out long ago, but that’s okay. There’s always room for one […]

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CENSOR [2021]

UK AVAILABLE ON LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY: 31ST JANUARY, from SECOND SIGHT FILMS RUNNING TIME: 84 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   1985: Enid Blines is a censor working for the British Board of Film Classification. […]

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SEANCE (2021)

SEANCE (2021) Directed by Simon Barrett Streaming now on Shudder and on Blu-Ray from 17th January 2022 With shades of an old fashioned Giallo horror, Simon Barrett’s directing debut fails to excite or bore When […]

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JACOB’S WIFE (2021) Directed by Travis Stevens Available on Blu-Ray and DVD Married to church minister Jakob Fedder for over 30 years, Anne finds herself tired of being the quiet, obedient housewife and yearns for […]