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Firestarter (2022)

FIRESTARTER Directed by Keith Thomas Charlie is a Firestarter – a twisted Firestarter – and has been since she was born. Whenever she gets stressed or upset, flames soon follow – so you can imagine […]

Studio 666

STUDIO 666 (2022)

STUDIO 666 (2022) Directed by BJ McDonnell For their tenth studio album, frontman Dave Grohl decides the Foo Fighters should record somewhere different and, with the help of their record label boss, discover the perfect […]


MORBIUS [2022]

USA IN CINEMAS NOW RUNNING TIME: 104 mins REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera As a child, Michael Morbius becomes friends with Milo, the two of them struggling with the same rare blood disease which requires constant […]

Night's End

NIGHT’S END (2022)

NIGHT’S END (2022) Directed by Jennifer Reeder Streaming on Shudder Divorced hermit Ken Barber tries to make a career for himself by recording online videos. On one of his videos, where he divulges his ‘long […]

Project Gemini
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PROJECT GEMINI (2022) aka Zvyozdniy Razum Directed by Serik Beyseu Project Gemini available on digital platforms now from Ignition Earth is dying. With a disease ravaging plant life, carbon dioxide is increasing whilst oxygen is […]

Found Footage

Stoker Hills

  A hybrid of found footage and conventional, Stoker Hills starts off fast, but quickly loses its way with its grand ambition….. Even though the Found Footage genre has now been literally done to death, […]

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Master (2022)

MASTER Directed by Mariama Diallo As a genre, horror has a knack for giving voice to outsider perspectives: be it films about race, class, or sexual orientation, it celebrates stories about marginalised people. The latest […]

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THE DARKER THE LAKE (2022) Directed by Lok Kwan Woo Available on Digital With a spate of mysterious deaths in their Austrian town, raging from killings to suicides, detectives Tamara and Lukas investigate and find […]

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X (2022)

X (2022) Directed by Ti West As the two guilty secrets of genre cinema, horror and pornography make for natural bedfellows – hence the lazy dismissal ‘torture porn’. So it makes sense Ti West’s latest […]


THE LEDGE (2022)

THE LEDGE (2022) Directed by Howard J. Ford Available on Digital from 14th March 2022 and DVD 21st March 2022  After witnessing a group of men committing a crime, a young woman finds herself trapped […]

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FRESH (2022)

FRESH (2022) Directed by Mimi Cave Streaming on Disney+ from 18th March 2022 Young woman Noa is having a hard time trying to find a partner. After going on numerous disastrous dates with men she’s […]

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Zeros and Ones (2022)

Set in a covid riddled world, Ethan Hawke plays American military operative JJ. Called to Rome to prevent an approaching terrorist bombing, all the while searching for information for his imprisoned and now believed to […]

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The Batman (2022)

THE BATMAN Directed by Matt Reeves A few years ago, I remember sitting in a coffee shop and seeing a youngish mum, probably in her late twenties, doing a Batman colouring-in book with her daughter. […]