GOMORRAH – Season One Review

GOMORRAH (2014) Season One Italian language with English subtitles Available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Amazon Prime and Season 1 & 2 DVD and Blu-Ray boxset Italian mafia family Savastano, led by Don Pietro, have their fingers […]


THE TRUST (2016)

THE TRUST (2016) Directed by Alex Brewer and Benjamin Brewer The Trust is out at cinemas and VOD 27th May Fed up with their job, Stone and Waters, two Las Vegas police officers, join forces […]


MOJAVE (2015)

MOJAVE (2015) Written and Directed by William Monahan Tom, a bigshot Hollywood film director, goes out into the Mojave desert to find himself when he meets drifter Jack who attempts to kill him. Whilst being […]



BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA (1973) Directed by Eddie Romero On Dual Format from Arrow Video After being locked up in a Filipino womens rehabilitation centre for minor crime, revolutionist Karen and hooker Lee manage to […]


EXPOSED (2016)

EXPOSED (2016) Directed by Declan Dale The same night that young woman Isabel witnesses a feat of superhuman ability in the subway station, a police officer is murdered. Investigating his killing, his partner and best […]



Available Now on DVD and VOD Backtrack is an Australian mystery movie, part psychological thriller and part horror story. Peter Bower (Adrien Brody) is a troubled man trying to get his back life (and his career […]